Conversations, a Find a Cure Magazine, is designed for patients to share their opinions and experiences as to their condition and treatment through an unfiltered interview lens.  Advocate, researcher and physician interviews are included to enhance the understanding of the patient experience.

Conversations will cover patient experiences and perspectives in very well known disease categories but will also include some of the world’s most obscure diseases.

There are 25,000+ serious and rare diseases but many of the battles, questions and challenges that patients face share commonality such as treatment decisions involving targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, alternative therapies, etc. as well as interaction with doctors, the importance of faith and spirituality, the crucial involvement of family and caregivers, insurance and financing of treatment issues, etc.

Many non-profits, advocate groups, support groups and social media groups, etc. focus on one disease. Indeed listening, learning and sharing from others with the same disease is crucial. There is, however, expansive intersection of issues across diseases.

Conversations will attempt to explore the rich commonality among diseases.