It’s like my sharing became a portal and opening for other people to share their stories

Douglas Lowell – Find a Cure Panel - Conversations I am here with eczema advocate, Ashley Lora. Ashley, thanks for joining Conversations today.   Ashley Lora Thanks for having me, Doug!   Douglas Lowell – Find a Cure Panel - Conversations Many people know of eczema. It's very common. But…

I am using the essential oils in combination with the medicine

Conversations: Elisa, thanks for talking to Conversations today. You have a very interesting and diverse story of conditions and diseases. Can you lead us through some summary of what you've been battling over the years?   Elisa Denaburg: Yes, the main issue was my thyroid. I had a misdiagnosis for…

A core philosophy for Find A Cure Panel is it’s “all good all the time.”

Conversations: I am here today to talk to Doug Lowell, the president of Find A Cure Panel about Find A Cure Panel. So, yes, I’m interviewing myself! I’m doing this because so many people ask me about Find A Cure Panel and I wanted to create some reference points for…

Amyloidosis has been called “the great imposter” because many doctors mistake its symptoms for other diseases

Conversations: Eric, thanks for talking to Conversations today. Let me ask you: What is amyloidosis? What are the different types of it? And which one do you have?   Eric Eckerstrom: Amyloid is a starchy sticky substance made by misfolded proteins of various types . The types are called out…

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