We hope our doors close one day due to finding a cure

Douglas Lowell, Find A Cure Panel I'm excited to be speaking today with Roberta Smith, president of Alagille Syndrome Alliance (ALGSA). Roberta, welcome.   Roberta Smith, president of Alagille Syndrome Alliance (ALGSA) Thank you so much. I'm always eager to spread awareness about Alagille Syndrome and this is a great…

It’s like my sharing became a portal and opening for other people to share their stories

Douglas Lowell – Find a Cure Panel - Conversations I am here with eczema advocate, Ashley Lora. Ashley, thanks for joining Conversations today.   Ashley Lora Thanks for having me, Doug!   Douglas Lowell – Find a Cure Panel - Conversations Many people know of eczema. It's very common. But…

I am using the essential oils in combination with the medicine

Conversations: Elisa, thanks for talking to Conversations today. You have a very interesting and diverse story of conditions and diseases. Can you lead us through some summary of what you've been battling over the years?   Elisa Denaburg: Yes, the main issue was my thyroid. I had a misdiagnosis for…

A core philosophy for Find A Cure Panel is it’s “all good all the time.”

Conversations: I am here today to talk to Doug Lowell, the president of Find A Cure Panel about Find A Cure Panel. So, yes, I’m interviewing myself! I’m doing this because so many people ask me about Find A Cure Panel and I wanted to create some reference points for…

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Listening to the Bones

Conversations: Marla, hi. Thanks so much for speaking with CONVERSATIONS today.   Marla Faith: My pleasure.   Conversations: Most people don't know Myelofibrosis . . . MF . . . and indeed many people have never heard of it. What is MF?   Marla Faith: It is a blood cancer…
Douglas Lowell
May 13, 2019